TK Maxx knew that they needed something beyond a TV ad to make noise at Christmas. So, we stocked the biggest gift at the smallest price. An actual White Christmas, for absolutely nothing. Because that's what Christmas is all about, altering the weather in an isolated area for a 48 hour period.

We stocked 50 free White Christmases in TK Maxx stores all over Europe and online, in the form of a giant 3ft long snow globe. For those who found one, we showed up with snow machines, covering the house, garden, car, playground, school - wherever they chose with ridiculous amounts of snow.

But then it actually snowed. Luckily, we had Bill Nighy on speed dial and got this out within a day.

And here's a little doc we made of the first of the White Christmas deliveries.

Check out the snow globe. She's a beaut. We designed them and Andy Gent made them for us, right in the middle of him making all the models for Wes Anderson's latest film. He knew what was more important. An hour long meeting about glitter viscocity, that's what. 

And yes, that's rich mahogany.